Remodeling: To Stay or Not Stay

By Luster Custom Homes Posted Tuesday, December 5th, 2017
To Stay or Not Stay During A Remodel

Home remodeling.  It might seem tempting to live in your home during your remodel. After all, it reduces cost, it reduces cost, and – you guessed it – it reduces cost! While it might seem like the more convenient option (did I mention it reduces cost?), there are a few things to consider before deciding whether or not to live in your home during your remodel.

  • Are you comfortable with noise and dust? During a remodel, your home becomes a construction site. That means there are workers with saws, sanders, vacuums, and even jackhammers occupying your home for most of the week. All of those tools create a lot of noise and, with the exception of the vacuum, dust. Your contractor will help to ensure that the noise and dust is mostly contained, but no one can guarantee a 100% quarantined construction space.
  • Are you flexible? If you’re remodeling your kitchen and choose to stay in your home, you’ll have to adapt to using a temporary kitchen, which will likely be much smaller than what you’re used to. If the idea of single burner stoves and toaster ovens make your skin crawl, you may want to consider moving. The case is similar for bathroom remodels, where you’ll either be using a spare bathroom or – gasp! – sharing a bathroom with someone else.
  • Do you have any pets or small children? As mentioned before, a home undergoing renovations is a construction site. Which means there could be nails, sudden drop-offs, power tools, and other dangers that could cause worry to pet owners and parents. If you are comfortable with the safe guards put in place to keep the construction site separate from the living spaces – no worries! However, it’s something to consider.

Of course, it should be noted that I’m addressing the idea of living in your home during a large-scale remodel, where either a major space – like a kitchen or master suite – is being renovated, or multiple rooms are being touched at the same time. My vote? If you can spare the time and money, move out during your renovation. The idea of saving money is oh so tempting, but in the end, the safety (and sanity!) of you and your family is key.


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