Q&A with Valerie Borden, Chimera Interior Design

By Luster Custom Homes Posted Tuesday, March 21st, 2017

We interviewed one of our favorite designers Valerie Borden, owner of Chimera Interior Design to share her thoughts on interior design and where to invest in key pieces to make your home stand out.

What are the benefits of hiring an interior designer?

Often times people will undergo a major remodeling project once in twenty years so hiring a designer who does this day in and day out can save clients not only time, but money and headaches. A good designer can anticipate issues before they ever occur based on their extensive experience and knowledge.

Many times we can anticipate problems before they happen become larger issues that cost the client money. Designers are also up-to-date on new trends and new products available everyday. There’s so much to know and learn. For example, LED lighting is turning the industry on its head.

Do you specialize in one particular design style?

No, I don’t specialize in any one particular style. I consider myself a chameleon. It’s not about what I like, because once I leave a project the owners need to love it and live in it. My goal is to take the clients’ vision and make sure it’s functional and stunning.

What is the best advice you would give a potential or new client?

Buy the best and cry once. It’s all worth it in the long run.

What areas of the home and/or types of pieces do you feel clients should invest in their home?

Furnishings. Invest in your sofa or a stunning console table. More sure it is comfortable and relaxed. A good rug is another piece that will last the rest of your life. Also, invest in high quality appliances. I believe in the high-low attitude invest in key pieces and fill in and accessorize with less expensive items.

What is the most overdone design trend?

Anything that is pervasive and is everywhere right now. Overly trendy stuff will crash and burn quickly and look dated in five years.

Describe a dream client.

A dream client is someone who is relaxed, with a good sense of humor that enjoys their space and the process. And, I always love working with someone who lets you do your job.

Tell us about the process with clients. How do you prefer to work?

It really depends on the clients. Some clients don’t enjoy the process and they want me to take care of it, while others enjoy the process and enjoy like looking at furnishings, fabrics, etc.