No Longer a Forgotten Space: Laundry/Mudroom Trend

By Luster Custom Homes Posted Wednesday, September 14th, 2016

Trends in high-end home décor are ever-changing, adjusting to fit the various needs of the families who live within. Currently, one of the biggest trends is the merging of the mudroom and laundry room. Not sure what a mudroom is?

While it might not be known as a mudroom in Arizona, a traditional mudroom is typically located in the back portion of the house, near the rear door where children and other family members enter and exit for playtime, garden time, etc. The mudroom is typically the room where dirt and grime can be taken care of before it gets tracked into the rest of the home. Since both the mudroom and laundry room have a focus on cleaning, current trends have them paired together.

“We find clients are trying to make the most of each room in their home so it’s as functional as possible and the laundry room is no exception,” said Tanner Luster, president, Luster Custom Homes and Remodeling. “Expanding the laundry room and creating more of multi-purpose space is quickly becoming a more popular home renovation request we are seeing.”

Things to consider when embarking on a laundry room overhaul:

  1. Multifunctional space. One of the biggest laundry room necessities is cabinet space. Homeowners are opting for quality cabinetry that offers extensive storage and organization. This works well when adding the mudroom to the mix. The extra space allows for storage of clothes, athletic shoes, kids hockey sticks, etc. All the things your family needs when coming in from the dirty outdoors.
  2. Personalize it. Designate areas for each family member. Everyone loves having their own space and you can get really creative by creating cubbies, lockers, or even personalized baskets for each individual family member. This space is the perfect spot for kids to store their backpacks and other sporting equipment out of sight.
  3. Not Just for Laundry. Laundry/mudrooms are not just a space for cleaning dirty clothes. Many of our clients are using this space to add extra countertops and utilizing their sinks and extended countertops as an area for gardening, while others are using them for crafting and creating gift wrap stations. This can include everything from ribbon, wrapping paper, bows, and all the essentials for the holidays.

Whether you are building your dream home or are taking on a renovation years after you’ve moved in, make sure you are getting the most out of your laundry/mudroom.