How to Create a Master Bedroom Retreat

By Luster Custom Homes Posted Tuesday, October 10th, 2017
How to Create a Master Bedroom Retreat

The master bedroom is typically considered by most homeowners to be their sanctuary. It’s a room dedicated to privacy and rest and quiet time and, if you’re anything like me, it’s a room for sneaking off to drink wine and watch reality TV in the comfort of your own bed. Whatever your preferred method of relaxation, when it comes to the bedroom, there’s no doubt that the emotional, physical, and mental return of money spent on making it a relaxing space is high. Looking to add some elements of relaxation to your space? Here are a few ways that you can create a master bedroom retreat:

  1. Create a sitting area. A cozy sitting area is a perfect place to start your day (with coffee or tea and your reading material of choice) and end it (with your preferred nighttime beverage and entertainment)! A somewhat separate space in the master bedroom outfitted with a plush couch or chair, a lamp, a table, and – of course – a blanket are all you need to make this space come to life.
  2. Consider a fireplace. Adding a fireplace – ideally in your sitting room or across from the foot of your bed – is a great way to bring warmth to your space, literally and figuratively. Live in a hotter climate? Today’s gas burning fireplaces can be adjusted so precisely that you can choose to enjoy the light of a small, flickering fire without turning your room into a sauna.
  3. Add some built-in’s. Built in cabinetry is a great way to store your books (that you’ll be reading in your sitting area, of course), family or pet photos, and other various memorabilia. Built-in’s serve a dual purpose of providing extra storage while allowing for an opportunity to artfully display your favorite things.
  4. If you’ve got the means and willingness, add a porch! Having a door from your master bedroom straight into a private outdoor space is like having the portal to Narnia in your closet. All you need to do is step outside, take a deep breath, and let the power of fresh air and open space soothe your mind and soul. Ahhhhhhh. Plus, French doors leading to the porch can add more natural light to your bedroom! Win-win.

Of course, there are plenty of ways to create a master retreat without changing the structural design, like adding curtains and mood lighting and cozy pillows. However, if you’re building a master bedroom from scratch or are looking for ways to remodel your existing room, these ideas are a great starting point for designing a space that is totally relaxing and totally your own.

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