How to Make An Impact in Your Entry/Foyer

By Luster Custom Homes Posted Wednesday, May 10th, 2017

Whether you utilize your entry as a catch-all for shoes and coats or you prefer that it be a stylish space of transition that provides your guests with a first taste of the rest of your home, there’s no denying that this space is an important one. Sometimes, the foyer can be overlooked, as it’s not a big-ticket item like a kitchen or master bath, but with a few unique touches, you can make this small area have a big impact.

  • Consider adding a console table… Obviously, console tables serve to add a little extra storage space to your entryway for keys and purses, but more than that, they add a decorative element to the room – form and function! If you’re tight on space, keep your eyes peeled for for a floating console table, which leaves a little floor space underneath for shoes.
  • …and pair it with a mirror! Mirrors in the foyer are for so much more than checking yourself out on your way out the door. They can make a small space appear larger, reflect light to brighten up dark corners, and even double as art. Framed mirrors pair nicely when hung next to other framed photos and paintings, creating a gallery-like feel, while more decorative pieces (think: sunburst mirrors or ornate, antique mirrors) look better on their own.
  • Create an accent wall. If your foyer is an actual enclosed room rather than an extended hallway, consider creating an accent wall. Paint the wall a contrasting color from its surrounding walls (maybe a deep charcoal or an exciting cobalt blue), install wallpaper, or put up something more unique, like reclaimed wood, tile, stone, or even exposed brick. The world is your oyster! An accent wall not only helps this room stand out, it also draws the eye in, inviting your guest in to see the rest of your home.
  • Turn it into a gallery… On the other hand, if what you’re working with is an extended hallway, play with the idea of converting it into a long gallery. Hang your favorite art (or family photos) on each side and install some adjustable can lights that can be moved to point directly at each piece.
  • …or opt for a functional mudroom. A bench + drawers and cubbies + coat hooks = a busy family’s best friend. If you constantly have kids and pets and neighbors (oh my!) running in your front door, a one-stop hub for shoes and backpacks and shopping bags (once again, oh my!) might be a more practical idea than a small console table.
  • Add a decorative light fixture or two. A chandelier is the go-to light fixture for a foyer, and for good reason: it makes a statement without being in your face (literally)! But why stick to the norm? Try pairing a couple sconces with the aforementioned console table. Lamps also work in this scenario, and are great for those of us with indecisive tendencies. Whatever you choose, it’s hard to go wrong with a nice-looking light fixture (or two, or three).
  • Bring the outdoors in. Flowers and house plants are a very welcoming touch to any home. Place a floral arrangement in your foyer (real or otherwise – I won’t tell) to let your guests know “mi casa es su casa”.

If you’re still stuck, Websites like Houzz and Pinterest are a great way to find visual inspiration. They will have plenty of pictures of items mentioned here, as well as hundreds (if not thousands) of photos and ideabooks full of other ways to amp up your entryway. Whatever path of décor you choose, don’t be afraid to branch out a little. Powder baths and entryways are the areas of the home where you can get away with doing something a little “out there”. So, tap into your inner interior designer (or tap your interior designer on the shoulder) and let the creative juices flow.