How to Work with A Designer

By Luster Custom Homes Posted Tuesday, January 8th, 2019

Bringing a designer onto your home building/remodeling team is a great idea; some of the most cohesive, aesthetically pleasing spaces are created with a designer’s help! Plus, if you’re anything like me (AKA lacking in the creative/design department), the idea of choosing between five different colors of white and understanding how undertones can affect the mood of an entire space can be a little, er, daunting.

To ensure you make the most of your time with a designer, we’ve compiled a few tips that helps them help you:

Find someone whose style matches your own. Before diving head first into a world of swatches and samples and slabs (oh my!), be sure that you and your potential designer are on the same page. The “keeping an open mind” tip only really works if you know the end result will be up your alley. Do a little research on your design professional’s portfolio! You + Google = <3

Keep all family members involved in the design process. Unless your significant other  has clearly stated that they don’t want to make any design-related decisions, keep them in the loop in terms of meetings and selections. No one likes being blindsided with major decisions, especially when they revolve around where they’ll be living.

Maintain transparency around billing. It may sound a little awkward to ask your designer, “sooo… how do you charge for your time?” but being up-front about costs is a.) important for your pocketbook and b.) a part of their job! Some designers charge flat fees for some types of work, others charge hourly rates, and many do a combination of both. Clarification from the designer upfront will allow you to move forward with the design process knowing exactly what you’re getting and what you’ll be paying for.

Come with a general idea of what you want… Pinterest/Houzz idea boards, paint and fabric samples, or even a single piece of art/furniture you want to style the room around are key. Giving your designer a feel for your tastes and preferences will help them design a space that fits your family’s style like a glove.

…but keep an open mind! The talent many designers have is being able to see the end result without getting caught up with how something looks while it’s in progress. If your designer suggests something that makes you raise an eyebrow (wallpaper? On the ceiling?) give them a chance. We promise they know what they’re doing!

If you’re looking for an interior designer to help with your next project, we’ve got you covered! Feel free to drop us a line at info@lustercustomhomes.com  and we’ll work to find someone that matches your family’s style.


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