How to Add Pizzazz to Your Powder Bath

By Luster Custom Homes Posted Monday, November 19th, 2018
Powder Bath Farmhouse

The powder bathroom is a small space that has the potential to pack a big punch. Don’t let the minimal square footage fool you – the powder bath is very accepting of all sorts of colors, textures, sheens, and patterns. If your powder is in need of a pick-me-up, consider the four following areas that are most commonly customized to add charisma to an otherwise bland bathroom.

  • The walls – wallpaper, and tile, and color, oh my! Wallpaper is a common choice for powder baths, but if you’re looking to step out of the box even further, a bold paint color or fully tiled walls could be a fun alternative. Pantone color of the year, anyone?
  • The vanity – powder bath vanities are a great place to experiment with unconventional design. Think: floating vanities, ornate furniture pieces, or even an imaginary vanity! Ok, maybe not an imaginary vanity, but you get the point. Get creative!
  • The mirror – other bathrooms may be the perfect place for a standard plate mirror or a basic frame, but when it comes to the powder, there’s no better place to try out artistic mirrors with various shapes, sizes, and even coatings (antiqued glass, for example!).
  • The lighting – simple can lights: great for functional lighting, but pretty underwhelming in terms of design. Since powder baths aren’t typically used for prepping and primping, you can focus more on flair than functionality. For example, sculptural pendants that throw unusual shadows or refract light would be a cool choice for this cool bath!

No matter if you choose to touch one element or employ all four, make sure the items you’re choosing work together instead of fighting for the spotlight. If you’re a mere mortal like me (AKA someone without a design certification!), this can seem a little overwhelming at times. Feel free to reach out to us if you need any recommendations on designers who can help make sure your powder bath pops beautifully and cohesively.