Give Your Fireplace a Facelift

By Luster Custom Homes Posted Tuesday, February 13th, 2018
Give Your Fireplace a Facelift

In most homes, fireplaces are one of two things: a large, elegant, and artistic statement piece in the middle of a living room, or a small, sad, forgotten space, where dreams of cozying around the hearth or making s’mores with the family have been long abandoned. If the second one sounds familiar to you (no judgment here!), consider these ideas for giving your fireplace a much-needed face lift:

Spice up the surround.  Of all the ways you can remodel your fireplace, this option is typically the easiest, as you can leave the existing structure alone. There are so many options for adding some pizazz to a plain fireplace surround, like tile (a classic!), exposed or painted brick, shiplap, or even a custom plaster or cast concrete surround. Fireplace surrounds are a great place to experiment with color, pattern, and texture without committing to an entire room.
Draw attention to the hearth. If your hearth’s only visitor is the occasional spider, maybe it’s time to invest in a new look to invite family and friends to gather round. Consider adding seating around the fireplace, whether that means investing in a new, raised hearth that doubles as a bench, or just updating the finishes on what you’ve got and adding a couple cozy pillows or chairs nearby.
Select a new burner. If you’re working with gas, an easy way to completely change the design style of your fireplace (without completely changing its structural design) is to replace your burner. Maybe your home is traditional right now, with the fireplace sporting a faux-wood setup, but you crave a transitional or even contemporary feel. A snazzy, metal gas burner and some fire glass could be the perfect way to add a touch of transitional style.
Add interest to the mantel. If you’re remodeling your surround and/or hearth, opting for a new mantel is also a great idea. You can add a chunky floating wood mantle for a little emphasis, or add a small shelf that blends into your new surround material. You can also utilize the mantle to hold smaller decorative items, like mirrors, candles, or art.

Whether you just want to install a new hearth material or are looking for a full-on fireplace renovation, a fireplace facelift is a great, small project that you can tackle at just about any time. In need of a little design help? Feel free to reach out! We’re happy to discuss all things from hearth to mantel, and everything in between.