Frequently Asked Questions

We exceed at customer service as well as project execution. We believe the preparation we spend on the front end is what pays off for our customers in the end. We put our emphasis on communication and listening to what is important to each of our homeowners, as no two are alike.

We provide weekly reports by email that show progress photos, details of what work was performed that week, what is on schedule for next week and how far along the project is on a percentage basis. We also work with a lot of clients that are out of town or travel so we schedule video walk through on a bi-weekly or monthly basis.

Absolutely! We are licensed in the State of AZ (Please check for yourself Lic#246296). As a general contractor we carry one of the top insurances for both General Liability and Worker’s Compensation. On top of that we require all of our talented subcontractors are fully licensed and insured.

We really focus on ground up Custom Homes, as well as larger scale home remodeling. We excel at planning and executing large scale projects. We aren’t a bathroom remodeler and let potential clients know up front that projects less that $75,000 aren’t a good fit. We do work on the following types or projects: new build construction, large scale remodels, additions and complete kitchen remodeling.

This might be the question that gets asked the most without an easy answer. Let me explain why, the cost of a project is so unique to the project because of the differences of scope, specifications, existing conditions, location, architecture and selections. The good news is once we are able to sit down and have a conversation we usually can give you a range on the spot.

How quickly a project starts depends on three factors:

First, is how quickly the design and selections are made. Second, we create a critical path schedule that will have milestones for anything from permits to long lead time items. The third factor is where we are in our project cycles. We will always be honest and upfront about our capacity and let you know if your timeline is something that doesn’t align with ours.

See above question on What Types of Projects Do You Build?

This might surprise most of you but we don’t love change orders. They can be disruptive to our construction process. They affect schedule, our trades work and overall critical path progress. With that being said, we always encourage our clients to let us know if they see something that they would like to change or add.

There are really only two categories for change orders and the first is 99% of them. The first, is when our clients decide to add something they have been thinking about or that might have been eliminated in the beginning because of budget. The second, is the unforeseen. Unfortunately, in remodeling we can’t see mold behind walls, termite damage or poor construction methods by the previous owner. However, we do our best by cutting holes in walls, walking in attics and other deep investigative methods depending on the project.

We understand the reputation contractors have with clients’ funds and have heard the horror stories. We bill in accordance to construction, so as construction is completed you will see a bill that corresponds to it. As well as a summary of the contract amount, any change orders and previous payments. Lastly, we require all of our sub-contractors to sign lien releases before any payments are released. This insures our client’s protection against any liens on their home.

We love to travel but mainly on vacations. In regards to our clients we do 90% of our work in all parts of Scottsdale and Paradise Valley. We certainly have worked in other parts of the Valley but usually evaluate that on a project-by-project basis.