DIY Coffered Ceiling Weekend Project

By Luster Custom Homes Posted Tuesday, October 18th, 2016

Looking to add instant wow to your home. We are sharing our step-by-step DIY guide on how to create a coffered ceiling for your home. This project definitely isn’t for DIY beginners but rather those that consider themselves DIY experts, that with the right tools, skill and vision can recreate the look with a detailed plan and/or steps. If this is not you, that’s okay! Just call a good contractor and show them what you are looking for.

This DIY tutorial project is based on a 25×35 oversized room with 10 foot high ceiling. We chose a 10×10 boxed grid layout with 12 inch wide coffered boxes with a depth of 2 ¾.

  1. Evaluate area and take the design into consideration. Ensure you don’t have any fire sprinklers, air duct vents or recessed lighting that will impact the design and so you won’t have to move electrical.Before Photo
  2. Create your list of supplies you are going to need for the project. We’ve outlined the supplies we’ve used to create the coffered ceiling: 8 MDF 4×8 sheets (number of sheets will vary depending on size of space), 8 Drywall 4×8 sheets, plastic sheeting for protection, Liquid Nails, 2 ladders, 2 screw guns, chop saw, table saw, air hose, compressor and small hand tools.
  1. Determine the width of the box ceiling. We used 12 inch. We recommend anything in the 6-12 inch range to make a significant impact. Anything smaller won’t look as appealing.
  1. Order or pick up materials at building materials store such as Home Depot or Lowes. Most major hardware stores should have these materials in stock. Also to save time, Home Depot will make the cuts of MDF for an extra charge, but this can be a huge time saver.
  1. Remove all furnishings and wall coverings and protect and cover floors, windows and fireplace to ensure dust protection. Plastic sheeting can be found at any major hardware store and you can even create a containment wall by adding a zipper at the doorway to make access easy.
  1. Once you have determined your design, you will want to draw pencil lines or chalk to set grid before getting started to make sure it’s the correct design and you are comfortable with the look.
  1. Now you are ready to begin! Use a stud finder to find trusses and then liquid nails and screws to adhere the pre-cut MDF pieces for the pre-determined design.
  1. Cut drywall to mirror box grid layout of MDF.
  1. Now, use drywall mud to tape and texture the new drywall.
  1. Install crown molding around box grid layout and be careful to know and properly measure your cuts. Then apply L molding to cover unfinished edge of the drywall.
    Crown Molding
  1. Ensure crown molding is cut to size and nail to ceiling and apply L molding trim. Don’t be afraid to hold your first couple cuts to confirm accurate cuts. Take your time as this is what makes a great finished product.
  1. Caulk, putty and paint to desired paint finish.
  1. The final step is paint. We selected a flat Sherwin Williams paint in Ivory Lace. The finish of your paint selection can affect the look, so make sure to do your research to get the finish look you desire.

    DIY Coffered Ceiling - Luster Custom Homes

Now, that the project is complete you can sit back and relax and enjoy all your hard work with your beautiful new coffered ceilings.

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  • Eugene chavez
    July 21, 2017, 1:39 am

    Can you give the depth of the sheet rock and mdf and the height of the crown and l molding

  • eric
    March 3, 2018, 9:03 pm

    How are the beam made? Are they 3 peices of MDF panel nailed together to create a U-shape form then nailed to the ceiling?