Creating Your Yoga Sanctuary

By Luster Custom Homes Posted Tuesday, February 26th, 2019

If you’re an avid yogi/yogini, you know that the key to a “successful” yoga practice is the intention behind it.

No matter the class size, teacher, or location, the power behind the practice is the person on the mat. That being said, if you have the space and ability to create an at-home yoga studio, why not indulge? Here are a few tips to create a sanctuary that is perfect for anything from a daily Ashtanga practice to the occasional restorative.

  • Opt for calming colors on the walls. While a bright red accent wall will certainly invigorate your practice, it’s more likely that muted greens and blues will achieve the mood you’re looking for. Sherwin Williams’ Livable Green or Restoration Hardware’s Silver Sage are two ideas to integrate some calm into your palette.
  • Install temperature controls as desired. A ceiling fan and an air conditioning vent is likely all you’ll need, but it’s certainly possible to install heating units if you’re partial to hot yoga. Of course, if you’re installing items to facilitate an at home Bikram practice, be sure to hydrate more than you think you need to.
  • Examine the lighting situation. Consider both natural and artificial lights: do you prefer a dimmer practice, or a well-lit space? Dimmer switches are probably your best bet either way, but take into account any window coverings needed to allow for or prevent the intrusion of natural light. In terms of artificial light, warm light (~2700-3000K) will help for relaxation purposes, while something a bit cooler (3000-5000K) will energize the space. LED’s are likely preferable over fluorescent or halogen.
  • Consider the things you take for granted at a studio. Floor-to-ceiling mirrors, prop storage, lightly padded floors, and sound-proof walls are features you likely enjoy at a commercial yoga studio. If there are other features that you enjoy (a fridge for eucalyptus towels, built-in sound systems, for example), speak with your contractor to see if you can integrate them into your new space.
  • Bless the space. Setting an intention for your new home yoga studio is as important as the intention you set before every practice. Take a moment to cleanse the space with sage or palo santo and say a silent prayer or offering to create a sanctuary that is completely personalized and ready to facilitate a yoga practice that cares for your mind and body.

Ready to embark on a yoga studio project of your own?

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