How to Choose the Right Outdoor Materials

By Luster Custom Homes Posted Saturday, October 8th, 2016

It’s no surprise with the growing trend of indoor-outdoor living, we are finding homeowners are looking to invest in enhancing their outdoor living spaces. Creating the right outdoor environment gives the feel of additional square footage.

Selecting the right quality outdoor materials for your exterior is becoming increasingly important as outdoor entertaining and social gatherings are often a huge part of people’s lifestyles.

Clients often ask us for advice on what type of outdoor materials we recommend and we outlined a few that top on our list:

  1. Concrete doesn’t have to be that boring poured slab. Often times people think of concrete as more minimalistic and modern material, but there are countless ways to utilize it for a variety of home styles. No longer are homeowners investing in one concrete slab, they are using everything from large oversized concrete pavers to stamped concrete. We find many homeowners are using oversized concrete pavers and putting grass or rocks in between the concrete to give it a richness, while adding texture to break up the solid look.
  1. Natural Stone is really popular because it’s just that natural. There are endless options from materials to colors and styles. Popular choices are limestone, bluestone, travertine and flagstone. Installation can cost more because it varies in thickness and not all pieces are usually exactly the same. We like this material it gives some dimension and personality to the home. Many of our clients also enjoy the look that natural limestone pavers which offer a more polished, consistent look, which is a growing trend in outdoor materials.
  1. Brick is definitely making a reemergence with the recent popular farmhouse trend. We are working with clients in using bricks in fun unexpected ways on not only the outdoor but on interiors as well. Clients are embracing a more classic and timeless style material that can be used on front exterior courtyards and backyard patios. Often times we have clients that love the look of white wash or reclaimed brick and are opting to install them in a herringbone or basket weave pattern design.
  1. Pea Gravel is a growing choice for clients we find that are looking to add that European flair touch to their home. It’s sophistication and low cost, make it very attractive. One thing to remember is that an underlayment is necessary with pea gravel as this preparation allows for no ruts or materials scattering from cars driving on it.
  1. Pavers are extremely popular in Arizona and the Southwest because of there durability and versatility. Not to mention they are low maintenance, which scores extra points, as it’s one less thing homeowners need to worry about. Pavers also come in variety of colors and styles.

Therefore, selecting the right outdoor materials is an important consideration to achieve the desired look you want to function the best way possible.

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