Bathroom Lighting: Where Do You Begin?

By Luster Custom Homes Posted Thursday, July 19th, 2018
Master Bathroom Vanity

Think of all the things you do in the bathroom: from applying makeup to shaving to fussing over blemishes and gray hairs (even though you know you shouldn’t!), the bathroom is a key area for prepping and primping. Now, think of all those same activities – in the dark. Yikes! There’s no denying that the right lighting is absolutely crucial in the bathroom. Here are our tips on choosing bathroom lighting that’s perfect for your space.

The basics:

  • A pair of sconces – A pair of sconces around a vanity is one of the most popular options for bathroom lighting designs. They provide adequate lighting yet don’t cast any harsh shadows on the face. If you have one long mirror to work with, a trio of sconces might be best, where one sconce is at each end of the mirror, and one is in the middle. Make sure to bring your tape measure when placing to ensure they’re equidistant!
  • A single sconce above the mirror – This is an alternative to a pair of sconces and works best for smaller spaces without room around the vanity. The downside is that overhead lighting can cast shadows on the face, but this can be avoided by choosing a fixture that offers a more diffused light with a frosted cover or features two or more bulbs.
  • Can lights – Can lights are a must in almost any room. We suggest installing them throughout the bath at equal spacing, as well as in any enclosed areas like water closets or showers. They’re almost always used in conjunction with sconces, and the two come together to make a lighting design that’s greater than the sum of its parts.

A little fancier:

  • Chandeliers – Chandeliers are great for providing an artistic accent in places you want to highlight, like over a bathtub or in a powder bath. They may not provide the best functional lighting (so pair them with one of “the basics” above if you’re in need of functionality), but their decorative impact is undeniable.
  • Toe kick lighting – LED strip lights installed at toe kicks or underneath floating vanities is a contemporary way to add some subtle lighting that’s perfect for a nightlight. If you have kids (or are just prone to bumbling in the dark!) LED strips might be the perfect addition to your bath. They’re usually inset in the cabinetry, so they can get a little pricier, but the payoff is worth it if they meet your needs.
  • Pin lights – If you’re looking for a truly relaxing bathtub experience, consider installing randomly spaced pin lights above your bathtub. Again, these aren’t exactly “task lighting” and I wouldn’t recommend doing your makeup by them, but they’re ideal for creating a night sky effect for relaxing in the tub.

Beyond this list, there are a plethora of lighting options you have at your disposal. From inset lighting in mirrors to hanging pendants to Hollywood-style lighted makeup vanities, the options are endless. Feel like you’re in a lighting limbo? Feel free to reach out – our team can help determine what’s best for your needs and space at info@lustercustomhomes.com.