What to Consider As You Plan Your Master Bath Remodel

By Luster Custom Homes Posted Monday, March 12th, 2018
Farmhouse Master Bath Tub

A master bathroom remodel is an exciting prospect. After all, it’s one of the few spaces you can customize to cater to your exact needs and wants. I mean, if you’re feeling generous you might include a couple special touches for your partner, but if we’re being honest, this remodel is all about you. Ready to embark on one of these particularly personal projects? Here are a few questions to ask yourself before you start:

  • Do you want a tub? It’s a no-brainer that a master bath needs a shower, but many homeowners choose to also include a tub in their suite. An important consideration for adding (or keeping) a tub is space: in opting for a tub, you might be sacrificing some room in what could be an otherwise spacious shower.
  • What features do you want in the shower? Niches have become increasingly popular, as have corner or full benches. On top of that, you can add steam units, body sprays, and multiple showerheads. Determine what’s a priority in your shower so your contractor can plan accordingly.
  • What do you need from your cabinetry? Maybe you desire a vanity with knee space. Or a drawer with an outlet inside, for hair tools. Or a ton of storage for all of your product. Take a second to take mental inventory of what you’d like to include in your new cabinetry.
  • Do you want any heated features? If you live in a cold region (or just love being cozy warm), you may want to consider looking into heated flooring or a heated towel rack. It’s a little addition that makes a huge difference. Plus, who doesn’t like a warm towel after getting out of the shower?!
  • How’s the lighting? If your space is in need of a little lightening up, now is the time to survey your possibilities. From additional windows, to skylights, to sun tunnels, to adding more light fixtures, there are several options you can employ to bring some light to a dark space.

You may be thinking – what about the fun decisions, like paint colors and hardware and stuff?! Those will come, too, but these questions are important to answer before construction begins, as many of them utilize elements that will need to be completed during the rough-in stage. For more information on what to consider when planning a master bathroom remodel, give us a call at 480.304.5525 and check out our bathroom portfolio for ideas and inspiration. We’d be happy to answer any and all questions.