7 Steps to Remodel Your Kitchen

By Luster Custom Homes Posted Friday, December 9th, 2016

Remodeling a kitchen can seem like a daunting task. Tackle it in smaller, bite-sized portions, and it’ll be done in the blink of an eye (okay, maybe a little longer than that, but it’ll still go quick). Here are seven doable steps to remodel of the most important rooms in your home:

  1. Select appliances. This might seem kind of out of order to anyone unfamiliar with kitchen design, but the selection of appliances affects the placement of many other things throughout the kitchen. The appliances are, after all, the heart of the kitchen (along with the person doing the cooking, that is!). Everything revolves around them. Therefore, knowing the specifications (especially the size) of the appliances you will be installing is crucial.
  2. Design. Now that your appliances are set, it’s time to find a designer and get to work. You’ll typically begin by deciding the location of your appliances (do you want your dishwasher in the island, adjacent to the sink? Will the range be the centerpiece of the whole room?). Once this is done, the rest of the cabinetry design begins to fall into place. Take some time to talk to your designer about any specialty storage that you may want, like pantry cabinets, a knife drawer, or vertical storage for cookie trays.
  3. Find a contractor. Unless you work in remodeling already or are a superhuman with a lot of extra time to remodel your kitchen singlehandedly, odds are you’re going to hire a contractor. Take some time to get referrals and check references until you’re comfortable with and confident that you’ve found “The One.”
  4. Make remaining selections. Some contractors won’t insist that all selections are made before your project starts, but getting them out of the way can make the construction process substantially easier for you and your contractor. Deciding your plumbing and lighting fixtures and backsplash tile early can help cut down on any unforeseen lead times or backorders. It can also allow subcontractors to prepare for any specialty items you may select (like a heavy chandelier that requires extra bracing to install). It’s like getting your homework done before it’s due: you don’t really have to do it, but doesn’t it make everything else just a little easier?
  5. Tear it all apart. No matter your scope of work, whether it be a cosmetic remodel or a complete gut, there will be some demo involved. Prepare yourself for dirt, debris, noise, and a whole lot of action! Demolition can be an exciting time where change is clearly visible and quantifiable. It’s also a great time to say “buh-bye” to anything you hated about your kitchen. I once knew a guy who graffitied and took a hammer to his old cabinets the day before demo began. Who says you have to pay for anger management classes when you have a kitchen you hate?
  6. Put it all back together. Ah, this is the point where dreams become reality. Watch in amazement as your selections (which you chose before the project started, right?) are installed and your kitchen begins to look like a kitchen again.
  7. Take cooking lessons. What’s the point of having a brand spanking new kitchen if you can’t whip up something tasty in it? Invite some friends over and try out a new recipe you just learned. Or, if that’s not your taste, order a pizza and kick back with some booze. Either way, enjoy your new space. It’s finally done, and it’s finally yours. [Insert sigh of relief here]

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