6 Ways to Transform Your Kitchen

By Luster Custom Homes Posted Thursday, January 5th, 2017

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When you think of “transforming” a space, you might think of the iconic “move that bus!” moment from the TV show “Extreme Makeover: Home Edition”. But, truth be told, a transformation doesn’t have to be that, well, extreme. Here are 6 ways to transform your kitchen, no TV crew required:

  1. Repaint, reface, or replace your cabinets. Obviously, each of these options requires a different level of commitment to your project. Repainting cabinets is a whole different ball game than tearing your existing cabinets out and putting in brand new ones. However, each one of these options can really transform your kitchen. For example, say that your existing cabinets are a dark, stained wood. Painting them a bright white (a very popular color for cabinets at the moment) would completely open up and brighten the whole room. The next level up would be to reface your cabinets, AKA to replace the doors and drawer fronts. An example here would be to replace some very ornate cabinet faces with something simpler, like a shaker style. Another option could be to add a couple glass cabinet doors to some upper cabinets where you keep wine glasses or nice dinnerware. I think the final level, replacing your cabinets, is pretty self-explanatory. It’s definitely the most time (and money) consuming, but it can make the biggest difference.
  2. Bump up your backsplash. Your mind probably just went to “install new tile” upon reading this, and while, that is partially what I mean, it’s not all I have in mind. If you have outlets or switches installed in your backsplash, consider moving the switches and installing hidden, under-cabinet outlet strips. Removing these allows whatever tile or stone you choose for your backsplash to take center stage. You can also install under-cabinet LED light strips to bring an extra emphasis to your new splash (it also adds great work lighting to areas that can sometimes be left in the dark).
  3. Tear down a wall (or two). Up until the last decade or so, it wasn’t uncommon for every room in a house to have its own, enclosed space. The dining room was separate from the kitchen, which was separate from the living room, which was separate from the formal living room – you get the picture. If this sounds familiar, consider the option of tearing a wall down or at least widening existing openings between rooms. An open-concept kitchen that blends into a living room or dining room (or both!) makes the room a more active part of the whole house. You can cook dinner while interacting with guests that are lounging in the living room, or you can watch over your kids while they do homework at the dining room table (or you can just enjoy a nice, open space to yourself – no judgment here!).
  4. Amp up your storage. Whether you plan on installing new cabinets or working with what you’ve got, there are tons of storage solutions that can be integrated into your kitchen design. There are companies made for helping you (neatly) store your every possession. Maybe you have an exquisite wine glass collection that needs to be stored to avoid breakage. Perhaps you have a large amount of chef’s knives and you want some in-drawer storage for them. Maybe you just have a lot of Tupperware and it’s getting a little cluttered. It may not be the most visually obvious kitchen transformation, but making sure your kitchen stores everything you need it to in an efficient way can truly change you how use the space.
  5. Add an island. Or a peninsula. Or any other geographical feature you want (waterfall, anyone?)! Okay, we may have gotten a little carried away with that last one. Our point is that an island can add some major entertaining and working space to your kitchen. I’ve seen cases where people opt to have an island instead of a kitchen table altogether. Others choose to add a second dishwasher or sink to their island. Some decide to put a state of the art cooktop in their island as the pièce de résistance. Another option is to combine an island with the open-concept kitchen (see #3). This helps to make sure that your kitchen doesn’t get too lost in a wide-open design. In short, an island is a multi-functional piece that can add a plethora of value to your kitchen.
  6. Rethink the entire design. Okay, so this one is kind of an extreme makeover. But, if you’re up for the challenge, why not go for it? Team up with an architect and spend some time really taking inventory of every aspect of your kitchen. What type of storage do you need? Do you want room for seating or entertaining? Do you require specialty appliances, like a wine cooler? Or, do you want an entire room dedicated to storing your wine? Gutting a kitchen entirely is the epitome of a transformation, and it opens the door to doing an endless amount of cool and completely unique and custom things.

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