5 Tips in Selecting A General Contractor

By Luster Custom Homes Posted Thursday, March 29th, 2018
5 Tips in Selecting A General Contractor

Of all the selections you’ll make during your renovation, the most important one by far is selecting a general contractor. Think of it like a cake: you can bake and place layer after layer to make a pretty decent-looking dessert, but without icing to hold it together and make it look nice, the whole thing will fall apart with the slightest shift. Here are our top five tips for selecting a good icing – ahem, general contractor – for your next remodel:

  1. Look for someone that’s licensed, bonded and insured. To us, this is such a basic necessity that it feels a little redundant to have to even specify it. However, it’s still important to point out: a contractor that’s licensed, bonded, and insured is a contractor that’s reputable, professional, and proactive.
  2. Check in with their references. In my opinion, speaking with prior customers of your potential contractor is an absolute necessity. These people can testify to the overall experience of working with your potential contractor, and if you’re lucky, you might even be able to ask to see their remodeled space and get a hands-on feel for the builder’s quality. Oh, and if your potential builder doesn’t have references, or refuses to provide them? I would seriously suggest considering another option.
  3. Ask about their warranty. A contractor with a warranty is one that stands behind the quality of their work, the work of their subcontractors, and the products they install. A warranty is a good sign of reliability and high workmanship.
  4. Do a little internet research. In an age where Google is as much a verb as it is a website, it feels necessary to at least touch on the fact that checking out your potential remodeler’s rep in the internet should be considered. Check out websites like Google (of course), Houzz, Angie’s List, Facebook, Yelp, and whatever other resources you can get your hands on. It’s a quick and easy way to verify your confidence in a contractor.
  5. Trust your gut. While everything else on this list is pretty logical and quantitative, this one is more instinctual. Your potential contractor might look great on paper, but if you have hesitance about signing a contract with them, it might just not be the right fit.

If you’ve found someone who meets all of these standards, congratulations! You’ve selected a general contractor who you can trust to turn the home if your dreams into reality.


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