5 Closet Features Every Clotheshorse Needs

By Luster Custom Homes Posted Friday, February 1st, 2019

Do you find yourself in a constant battle between clothes you need to hang and available hangers? Has your significant other expressed concern about not getting their fair share of closet space? Is your closet your favorite room in your home (save for a few *minor* design flaws)? If you answered ‘yes’ to any of the previous questions, a closet renovation may be in your future! To make sure your future closet lives up to your expectations, consider the following features every clotheshorse needs:

  1. A jewelry safe. This is just pragmatic – if you have a lot of fine jewelry, a locking drawer or a combination safe is a must. These can be used for more than just jewelry, too! Many clients double their closet safes to keep other expensive items (designer purses, sunglasses), passports, or even a handgun. Bonus points if you opt for a hidden safe, like this one.
  2. A purse display. Goyard and Chanel and Hermes, oh my! If your version of an art collection is a designer purse collection, why not highlight your pieces in a specialty display? Consider this: floor-to-ceiling cabinets with glass fronts, hidden LED lighting, and mirrored backs. Talk about luxe! (Or, if you’re Kylie or Kris Jenner, maybe a dedicated purse closet is more your thing)
  3. Valet rods. It seems so obvious, but a valet rod or two can be extremely helpful in preparing for the day ahead. Having a retractable pole to hold the next day’s outfit can help eliminate outfit indecisiveness and when you’re doing using it, it’s out of sight, out of mind!
  4. Specialty shoe storage. If not set up well, shoe storage can quickly become a jumbled mess of mismatched heels and sideways sneakers. Take inventory of the shoes you have, add a few extra pairs (this could be two or two dozen, depending on your shoe fetish), and allot ample space for them to ensure they’re visible and organized at all times. For more on closet inventory, sign up to download our free inventory worksheet below!
  5. Seating space. Whether you tack a small bench onto the end of an island or move in a spacious ottoman, seating in a closet is a feature that is sometimes overlooked. If you have the room to install a seat (or two), it’s a worthwhile investment. A bench is great for taking a seat to put on shoes, laying out potential outfits, or just taking a breather to sit down and admire your well-curated collection.

If any of these ideas speak to you, we’re happy to work with you to find ways to integrate them into the space you have. We work closely with professional organizers who are trained to help display and protect any and all clothing and accessories you have, as well as brainstorm other design features not listed here to help craft the closet of your dreams.


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