5 Home Improvements that Add the Most Value

By Luster Custom Homes Posted Monday, May 7th, 2018
Luster - 5 Best Areas in Home to Remodel for Greatest Impact

There’s a variety of reasons why people remodel their homes, but in the end one of the core reasons is that they want to make an impact on their living space. They want a bathroom that makes them swoon when they walk into it after a long day. They want a kitchen that brings them joy, even if they aren’t the greatest of chefs. Looking to make the most impact in your home?

Here are the five best areas to remodel for the greatest bang for your buck:

  1. Start with the kitchen. The kitchen is a place where a family spends most of its time. Plus, with the trend of open floor plans, kitchens now often serve as dining rooms or living rooms! Essentially, they’re the heart of the home. That’s why they’re number one on our list. Your family will love using it, your guests will love looking at it, and even potential buyers will appreciate a good kitchen remodel. Well-made appliances and custom cabinets create the best impact, from both a style and structure standpoint.
  2. Follow with the master bath. The kitchen and master bathroom are the two rooms in the house that have the best return on investment for remodels, as they’re the spaces that are used most frequently by homeowners. If you’re looking to add some oomph to a bathroom, start with new tile, new plumbing fixtures, and a fresh coat of paint. Voila!
  3. Amp up the exterior. We’ve talked about curb appeal before, and with good reason! It adds a lot of value (financially and aesthetically) to a home. Check out our article here for more ways to boost your home’s exterior.
  4. Install new floors. If your home is suffering from a case of thinning carpet or matte wood floors (that were originally glossy, you swear!), new floors might be all it takes to make the whole place feel brand new. Start with high traffic areas, like the kitchen and living room, and be sure to expand to any adjacent hallways or rooms. Bonus points if you install a deluxe carpet pad under carpeted areas (trust me, you won’t regret it).
  5. Boost your backyard. We all understand the importance of a fancy façade, but what about the rear of a home? There are countless possibilities when it comes to creating a big impact in the back yard. There are decks to be made, outdoor living rooms and kitchens to be created, and even pools to be installed. If you hate looking at your backyard – much less the thought of hanging out in it – consider dialing up a landscape architect who can help your sad patch of grass go from zero to hero.

Maybe a big project like this isn’t a project you want to tackle today. Snag our no fail PAINT COLOR GUIDE below for your entire home, or whatever room that needs an update.


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